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Nui Phao


  • Polymetallic mine with significant deposits of tungsten, fluorspar, bismuth, copper
  • One of world’s largest identified tungsten deposits outside China, with mining reserve of 66million tonnes of ore with average WO3 (tungsten trioxide) grade of 0.21%.
  • Now in production, Nui Phao is the largest producer of tungsten outside China, and among the largest producers of acid-grade fluorspar and bismuth in the world

  • With open-pit mining and low strip ratio, is be one of the lowest-cost producers of tungsten in the world
  • Revenue is generated from sales of four products; Tungsten, Fluorspar, Bismuth and Copper; help ensure the project is profitable at all times in the commodities pricing cycle
  • Management led focus to continuously identify synergies and efficiencies to lower cost and improve margin
  • Favorable location with convenient access to railway, roads and ports (Only 80 Km by road from Hanoi. Hai Phong & Quang Ninh ports to connect Nui Phao to the world)
  • Additional exploration potential to extend the mining life past the current plans of 20 years