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Masan Group is committed to good governance, best-in-class procedures and policies and corporate transparency. In addition to oversight from our major institutional investors and the governance committees prescribed by Vietnam law, such as our Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Management Board, we have the following committees to ensure higher governance standards:

  • Compliance and Controls Committee - This committee is comprised of executives from our Legal and Finance and Accounting teams and reports to the Board. The committee is responsible for developing and monitoring our compliance and controls platform, which includes periodic audits and reviews covering issues or new initiatives.
  • Transaction Execution Committee - This committee is comprised of members of our Executive Team and senior executives from our various departments. From initial exploratory discussions to final deal documentation, the committee applies a rigorous process to ensure that the appropriate level of scrutiny and approvals has been applied when executing a transaction. A transaction will be evaluated for its strategic rationale, commercial implications, accounting impact, structure, legality and compliance with existing agreements and potential to affect future corporate actions.
  • Subsidiary Performance Committee - Comprising members of our Executive Team and professional from our Business Intelligence Unit, this committee develops and approves the KPIs used to measure and evaluate the performance of our subsidiaries. The committee engages independent parties to conduct periodic reviews to report to the Board and benchmark its own findings. This committee enhances accountability within our company and ensures that the performance of our businesses and people is measured as objectively as possible.