Serving consumers with a purpose by Masan's corporate social responsibility

Masan believes in improving the livelihoods of members of the communities where we have operations and partnering with local residents.

In addition to being one of the largest taxpayers in the provinces where we have operations, we have been working directly with local people to promote job creation and improve their quality of life. Simultaneously, we believe in giving back to the communities where we operate through sustainable initiatives that empower people who are experiencing a variety of challenges.


We pay special attention to the health of our community, especially to financially disadvantaged patients who cannot afford their treatment fees.

To date, Masan Group contributed more than VND270 billion to support local residents and frontline workers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Our forms of contribution were extremely diverse, from in-kind contribution of medical supplies and equipment such as test kits, PPE, ventilators or essential necessities to in-cash donation of VND60 billion to the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund launched by the government. Since the first outbreak, essential products produced by Masan Group such as KOKOMI and OMACHI noodles, MEATDeli chilled meat, Ponnie sausage, Vinh Hao mineral water, etc. were quickly delivered to control posts, border posts, hospitals and isolation areas to support frontline workers in pandemic prevention and responses.


Masan Consumer presented 4 water purifiers to 4 primary and middle schools in Hau Giang (Phu Huu 3 and Phu Huu 4, Chau Thanh District) and Long An provinces (Thanh Hoa, Ben Luc District) in an amount of VND 500 million, helping teachers and students access clean water.
Our subsidiary located in Ha Son commune, MNS FARM Nghe An, established a scholarship fund for 110 pupils worth VND120 million.
During Government’s “Month of Action for Children”, Masan High- Tech Materials cooperated with the Department of Industry and Trade of Thai Nguyen province to present 20 bicycles to children and teenagers in extremely disadvantaged circumstances.

Education plays an important role in poverty reduction and Masan has been a consistent supporter of scholarships and educational activities.

Community development

Masan believes that infrastructure development will empower the less fortunate for the longterm. To that end, over many years, we have invested heavily into social infrastructure, including health facilities, schools, vocational trainings, and mentoring programs.

To that end, we have invested heavily on educational opportunities, construction of housing and infrastructure, vocational training, and mentoring.

In 2021, MML Farm Nghe An (Ha Son commune, Quy Hop district) spent over VND1.4 billion for social security activities. This includes support for the construction of medical stations, houses of gratitude, and scholarships to students besides many other community development activities.
In March 2021, the People's Committee of Kien Tuong town (Long An province) cooperated with Vietnam Rural Magazine to hold the inauguration ceremony of 6 rural traffic bridges in the town. 6 bridge works including Kenh 61 bridge, Kenh Nhanh Re Cai Cat bridge, Kenh Cai Cat bridge, Kenh Rach Cai Say bridge, Kenh Op bridge, Kenh Ngon Cay bridge with a total construction cost of VND5 billion were funded by Masan Group sponsorship.

On average, each year, MHT invests approximately VND4.5 - VND5 billion in social security and community development activities such as: developing social infrastructure for the community; agricultural extension activities and sustainable livelihoods; public health, clean water and environmental sanitation; micro credit, capacity building and sponsorship, humanitarian and charity programs, among other, in the communes affected by Nui Phao project in particular and the province and district in general.

Corporate governance

Masan Group is committed to good governance, best-in-class policies and procedures and corporate transparency.

Masan Group is committed to best-in-class governance system, policies and procedures, and corporate transparency via the governance committees prescribed by Vietnam law, such as our Board of Directors and Audit Committee besides foreign investor oversight.

Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is elected by shareholders to oversee the activities of the Company. Members of the Board of Directors meet regularly to discuss the strategic decisions raised by the Management Board. Details on the responsibilities of the Board are presented in the Board of Directors section.

Audit Committee: Audit Committee is a specialized unit under the Board of Directors. The Audit Committee, in addition to other rights and obligations, reviews the system of internal control and risk management, monitors the truthfulness of the Company's financial statements and performs other oversight activities to ensure that the Company complies with the regulatory provisions, regulators’ requirements and other internal regulations of the Company.

Strategy & Development Committee: This committee is chaired by the Company’s CEO and is comprised of the CEO and other key executives of our subsidiaries, Group CFO, Group HR Head, and Head of Strategy and Development. This committee develops and approves the short and long-term development strategies, projects, and flagship business plans of the various businesses and the overall Company; evaluate performance and propose necessary adjustments in implementing the annual business plans of the member companies; and operate the Company's shared operating platforms to ensure the highest efficiency of common resources.