Serving consumers with a purpose by Masan's green practices

At Masan, we care about our environmental footprint. We aim to ensure green practices across our all of our operations which we believe can be achieved without sacrificing business performance.

Thorough waste treatment and sustainable resource usage are critical components of our decision-making process across all of our businesses, from the manufacturing of consumer products to processing minerals. Whenever a new project is under development, we take into account any potential adverse impact to the environment to develop mitigation and compliance plans before groundbreaking.

Our Legal and Compliance department, together with our Safety, Health, and Environment department are responsible for nation-wide compliance and monitoring of environmental laws and regulations. In addition, the technical department of each of our operating subsidiaries carries out sample testing of waste discharge on a periodic basis to monitor compliance with relevant environmental laws and regulations.

We believe we are the national leaders within our industries with regards to environmental practices.

Raising awareness

Our commitment to preserve the environment starts locally and emphasizes going green at the workplace first. We have planted trees around our factories and neighboring areas to keep the area green and provide fresh air

In the retail sector, WinCommerce did its part in environmental protection by introducing green solutions at our WinMart supermarkets and WinMart+ mini-marts. WinMart/WinMart+ replaced 100% plastic bags with biodegradable alternatives while reducing or replacing single-use plastic materials with environmentally friendly options, providing promotional offers to customers who use their own multiple-use bags in order to encourage adoption of green consumer behaviors in shopping at WinCommerce’s retail stores. To minimize its environment impact, WinEco has replaced nylon bags and rubber bands for packaging with biodegradable materials following the standards of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. In addition, WinEco also uses kraft paper and biodegradable nylon bags to harvest and package products instead of wrap and conventional nylon bags.


This is in-line with our commitments, guided by the World Bank standards, to reduce reliance on extracted water, increase water reuse and continuously improve our waste-water management capabilities.

Clean and renewable energy

Vietnam is a coastal country and we are acutely aware of the importance of minimizing our carbon footprint to combat climate change. As such, energy saving or resource optimization should be a priority for any business of scale that wishes to grow sustainably.

We provide training to our workers on the benefits of energy saving habits by regular cleaning of machines and tools for best-quality products. 

We adopted biogas production from rice husks, sawdust waste and installing solar panels on the rooftops to generate energy for our factories. Biogas is not only an environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy source, but also results in job creation and income for local people.