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Our in-house research and development team, Masan Consumer R&D is comprised of approximately 75 employees tasked with improving the range and quality of our products. The R&D team works closely with our marketing team to develop products that meet the demands of Vietnamese consumers, such as the Omachi noodles with spaghetti sauce that we introduced in 2010 to target customers in the premium segment, B’sfast congee with real chicken and mushroom that we introduced in 2013 to provide the complete breakfast solution for consumers.

Masan R&D aims to enhance Masan Consumer’s competitive position and reputation as one of the most unique and effective food companies in Southeast Asia by providing high value and superior quality products.

Masan Consumer’s ability to innovate is proven by numerous successful developments, which include:
  • "Low-salt” Chin-su sauce
  • "No-urea” Nam Ngu sauce
  • "Zero trans-fat oil” and "No color chemical dyes” for Tien Vua noodles
  • "Chewy noodles strand" for Kokomi
  • "Real chicken & mushrom retort pouch" for B'fast

Masan R&D is one of the most advanced R&D centers in Vietnam. The R&D division has developed seven new formulas to date that previously did not exist in the seasoning processing industry, and has the capability to launch approximately 30 new products each year.

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