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December 14, 2020

Masan High-Tech Materials realises sustainable development target

Masan High-Tech Materials (MHT) was honoured as one of the Top 50 Sustainable Businesses 2020 by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), marking the third consecutive year.

Masan High-Tech Material built its sustainable strategy to suit international and national sustainable development strategies in order to contribute to the community’s growth.

MHT focuses on three key factors, namely increasing business contributions to the community’s sustainable development, implementing long-term programmes for the community, and complying with the regulations on environmental management as well as building green buildings.


The company supported households living near Nui Phao Mine in Thai Nguyen province to have a better life. The company expects that when the time of exploitation ends, local people will still be ensured stable income by building a clean agricultural sector with high productivity.

In addition, Masan also offers low-interest loans for households. Notably, a total of 310 households from the Nui Phao project area have benefited from loans from the Economic Recovery Fund with a total recycled capital value of more than VND14 billion (608,700) in support of economic development.

One of the outstanding features of the Economic Recovery Fund is that part of the interest amount incurred from the loans is reinvested in activities to enhance the capabilities of the locals. Specifically, 23 training courses have been provided to 1,500 participants covering various subjects such as safe livestock breeding, safe tea production, as well as food safety and hygiene in livestock and vegetation farming.

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The company also annually invests VND4.5-5 billion ($195,650-217,400) in social activities and community support activities via building facilities, implementing empowerment projects, and protecting water sources. In general, corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the company’s development scheme.

Thanks to these contributions, MHT has been recognised as one of two domestic enterprises taking the lead in sustainable development in Thai Nguyen, while simultaneously in contributing to the province’s socioeconomic growth. In 2015-2020, MHT contributed VND5.7 trillion ($247.83 million) to the province’s budget and $1 million to its social programmes.

In 2020 in particular, the company contributed VND1.2 trillion ($52.17 million) to the province’s budget and generated 15,000 jobs with the average income of VND12.5 million ($543.47) per capita.

Along with the Sustainable Companies Award, MHT has also made it into the Top 50 Vietnamese Enterprises with Excellent Growth in 2020, the 50 Best Listed Companies, and the Top 500 Largest Vietnamese Enterprises for 2020, among others.

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